Monday, June 2, 2014

An all natural wood stain....

To make this all natural ecologically friendly stain....
All you need is a plastic bucket.
A packet of steel wool.
A gallon of white vinegar.

Step 1. Place steel wool (approx 6 pads) in bucket and add enough vinegar to cover it. Let sit overnight so it gets nice and dark. Stir occasionally.

(Note: It's better to make more stain than you need. These materials are cheap so make enough. You don't want to run out of stain halfway through the project and have to wait for a new batch)

When the color of the liquid is brown you're ready to go...

Below is inexpensive dog-eared cedar fencing, minus the dog-ears. We plan on staining this wood with the steel wool and vinegar stain.

Here is a before .......and ........about 6 hours after shot. 

A couple of days later...the wood darkens up....

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